Sarita is a truly wonderful spiritual teacher, for me she embodies the very heart and spirit of Tantra. I experience a very clear transmission of this healing and sacred tradition when in her presence.

Steve Nobel: Alternatives – London

Lifetimes of wisdom, and experience are contained in this training… It is a journey into love, with love, through love, beyond love, …to dissolve into the One. Words cannot express my gratitude to you both and to the source of your teachings and guidance.

Martin: UKCP psychotherapist

Nurture yourself, challenge yourself, expand yourself… I did all these and much more on the course. A beautiful gift I will cherish forever.


Your teaching was brilliant, and very professional, your sharing was exquisitely touching, vulnerable, sensitive and open and I think every one of us felt privileged to be there. With deep love and gratitude.


I am in true ecstatic bliss. I AM HERE, and I am me, activated in my power and potential by Sarita’s work. I stand by the truth, love and wisdom of it and know it holds such strength and potency for all on the path of realising their God-self.


This was an absolutely wonderful course and I have had massive breakthroughs and shifts on it with regard to my sexual self-expression, playfulness, relating to others, joy, laughter and FUN! I have done many years of personal development courses but all of them melt away to nothing in comparison to this! This course reaches those parts that other courses do not reach – in fact they’re not even on the starting block! The course is challenging and confronting but immense fun! I thank Sarita and Suta from the bottom of my heart for their immense knowledge, wisdom, compassion, enthusiasm and playfulness. Thank you!


Ups and downs, joy and sorrow, tears and laughter: did it all and achieved things which seemed almost impossible before. The week has passed so quickly, but I’ve done so much, grown so much in such a short time. And in the presence of some wonderful, loving people, new friends. Give this gift to yourself and you won’t regret it!


I’d have missed a major turning point in my spiritual journey had I not come here and would have wandered in the corridors of uncertainty, confusion and frustration. My heartfelt prayers and love to all and I bow down to Sarita.


The course was absolutely mind-blowing and has left me feeling deeply nourished on every level. I found Sarita to be the most incredible workshop leader I have ever encountered (and I have been doing groups and workshops for many years), she combines grace, compassion, lightness, intuition and deep wisdom. At all times I felt safe and ‘held’ and the structures, although challenging, were all offered in a spirit of invitation with plenty of support and encouragement. It was fine to say no at any point and because of this, most of the group were able to say yes to all of the exercises.

I have been able to clear some very deep stuff and I feel and look a lot lighter according to the friends who have seen me since I returned. I feel alive, desirable and energised!


As a rationalist I am astounded at the insights I have gained, both into myself on a practical level but also into a spiritual side of me, which I never suspected even existed. The results have enriched my life and relationship beyond all my imaginings.