Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita is highly esteemed as an influential teacher and workshop facilitator across the globe. She leads conferences and workshops when there is an organiser or centre wanting to offer her teaching in their area. See the calendar for scheduled courses or contact Sarita’s business manager if you are interested in organising a conference or a course.

See below for the main courses that Sarita offers:


Tantra Transformation
Tantra Spirit
Sex to Superconsciousnes – Tantra Journey throught the Chakras
Tantra Man – Tantra Woman Level 1
Tantra Man – Tantra Woman Level 2
Tantac Level 1 – The Power of Now (Tantra Tachyon combo)
Tantac Level 2 –
Tantra Meditation Retreat
Tantra Soul Mate Training

Detox & Healthy Living

Meditation and Detox Retreat
Abundance and the Spiritual Law of Attraction


Tantac – The Power of Now Level 1(Tantra Tachyon combo)
Tantac – The Power of Now, level 2
Tachyon Holistic Wellness

Colour Light Therapist Training

Sex & Spirit Integration plus Freedom from Bondage
Healing Journey
Creation Impulse Series
Holographic Healing
Sun Lines & Eye Series
Transmitter Relays Training
Advanced Transmitters
Advanced Dialoguing Techniques

Basic colour light training is taught by Qiming in the UK and Roshani in France.


“Your teaching was brilliant and very professional; your sharing was exquisitely touching, vulnerable, sensitive and open and I think every one of us felt privileged to be there. With deep love and gratitude.”

Meriel (Sacred Sexuality)