Tachyon Vortex Pendants

Tachyon Pendants are powerful tools exclusively for people who have received the necessary Tachyon training. As you advance in your training and integrate the effects in your body and energy system then you are able to upgrade to a more advanced pendant.

The Tachyonized™ Vortex Pendant is a specially cut, perfectly grown quartz crystal with a Tachyonized™ cell on top. This combination creates a laser-like spiral beam of energy that is strong enough to reorganise the entire human energy field from a horizontal fragmented state, into a vertically unified and connected System. To grasp its importance for the spiritual unfolding and transformation of all mankind you have to understand what we mean by “verticality”.

Every living energy system in this universe builds, maintains and develops its existential vertical energy form according to universal pattern – with one exception: humans! The gift of free will makes it possible for us to create a horizontal energy system, which separates us from the Source and nature and produces a starting point of multi-level disorders. Regaining the vertical energy flow is the precondition for a conscious life in harmony and oneness with oneself, other human beings, nature and ALL THAT IS. Verticality is the key into an often predicted golden age, in which mankind recognises its place in the universe and manifests its divine nature in physical form.

The Tachyonized™ Vortex Pendant was created to maintain permanent verticality. This tool helps you to integrate into your daily life what you may have already found in peak experiences or in deep meditation. The Tachyonized™ Vortex Pendant results from the merging of the life’s work of three ingenious minds: 1). David Wagner and his invention of the Tachyonization™ process and his understanding of verticality, who also “invented” the Tachyonized™ Vortex Pendant. 2). Marcel Vogel, a crystal expert with IBM and his incredible discoveries about the effects of crystals and 3) Drew Tousley, whose outstanding talents as a crystal cutter enabled him to manifest Marcel Vogel’s insights into form.

The Magic of the Vortex Design

The result of this joint venture is a wonderful piece of jewellery and a high potency tool all in one. The Tachyonized™ Vortex Pendant produces a spiral energy field (vortex) so strong that within a few hours of wearing it, all horizontally tilted energy fields flip back to their natural vertical position. This is the beginning of a process, which leads to the fully conscious incarnation of our divine self. This development happens “self-dynamically” and is the result of the purifying and accelerating flow of universal life force energy through the entire system unified by the Tachyonized™ Vortex Pendant. Existing blockages and personality structures, which do not express the essence of our divine being, are stirred up and prepared for final elimination. In order to experience this process gracefully and effectively – as a driving license for a vertical energy system, David Wagner created the Vertical Reality Seminar.