Tachyon Products

Sarita is a great fan and regular user of Tachyon products. Maybe you have heard her talk about them, or she has recommended Tachyon during her groups or in a private consultation.

You will see below the principal products Sarita uses and recommends with her personal comment on each product. These recomendations are based on her own personal experience and people requiring medical advice should consult their doctor.

Click the image to get more info or to buy the product on the planet-tachyon website. You can also select and order other products while you are there. Prices are shown in US Dollars excluding tax and shipping. You can pay with a credit or debit card.

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Sarita speaks about Tachyon, Spirituality and Quantum Physics

Sarita is a personal friend of David Wagner (the founder of Advanced Tachyon Technologies) and participates in the ATT referral marketing scheme.

Meditation & Relaxation:

“I use this to align, recharge and rejuvenate after a plane journey or during lunch breaks in the group. I can’t imagine life without it!” Buy

“These are amazing. They function like the presence of the Guru. They draw out whatever is not serving us within, releasing it back to source; re-aligning body, mind, soul and spirit.” Buy

“Since I began using this 10 years ago, I have slept fully and deeply every night. It is like being surrounded by angels while sleeping.” Buy

“I sleep with this every night. It is soft, snuggly and comfortable and ensures deep relaxation and rejuvenation for the eyes.” Buy

“This divine silk shawl offers the quality of peace and nurturing for a blissful meditation. It can also be used for calming children, or creating a special vibration for a client in a session.” Buy
Space / Ambience:

“I use these in the group room as they keep the energy within the group room free and light. Any emotional processing is cleared instantly and effortlessly by having these in the space. I also use them in my home.” Buy

“Mix in paint to create a Tachyon charged space in the home or office. When I move house, I always have the walls painted with star dust. It is like bringing a forest into my home, offering a nurturing sense of peace.” Buy
Healing & Pain Management:

“These come in handy for many things. I use them in my fridge to charge my vegetables, on my computer and under my blender to protect from electromagnetic waves, under my water urn to charge my water, to treat pain in the body …”  Buy

“This slides on like silk and is non oily so can be washed out of sheets easily. It enhances the quality of touch, giving a feeling of being massaged by angels.” Buy

“This is something I always carry with me to massage into painful muscles, or to clear up mosquito bites, or other myriad uses.”  Buy

“I wear this whenever I am on an airplane as it helps me to feel grounded and relaxed even while in the air! It is also excellent for bringing substantial relief to lower back pain or belly pain.” Buy

“This is amazing for muscle pain or even to put some drops into the bath and soak with it, dissolving pain or stress instantly.” Buy

This little Tachyonized opal glass cell for the navel can work wonders if you have incomplete mother issues, lack of self love, or intestinal problems by bringing these situations into balance. Wear them rounded side towards the navel at least 8 hours a day for three months minimum. Buy
Nourishment & Beauty:

“I take this every day in my green smoothie. It keeps my brain sharp, energy levels high and my joints flexible.” Buy

“I take a dropper full of this every day. The human body is 80% water. When Tachyon water blends with the water already within, the result is a Tachyon charged sense of wellbeing.” Buy

“I take this every day for strong bones and healthy gums.” Buy

“This wonderful water bottle carrier has a special Tachyonized disk in it which charges your water as you walk around with it.” Buy

“I get the unscented version and add my own essential oils. This cream brings a soft and luscious radiance to the face. It literally invites beauty to shine from within.” Buy

“I always wear Tachyonized jewellery. The quality of the stones creates an energy field which enhances beauty and well-being.” Buy
Love Life:

“This is wonderful when playing with the Tantra wand or when with a lover for maximum lubrication.” Buy

“These are wonderful when playing with the Tantra wand or when with a lover for maximum lubrication.” Buy

“These little capsules made of a wonderful combination of aphrodisiac herbs, offer a fabulous drug free high. I use them sometimes when attending a party, for a special feel good boost in energy levels. With the enhancer I can dance ecstatically for hours! Afterwards, I sleep naturally and deeply with no negative after effects. They can also be used if you are going on a hot date and want to boost your stamina to make love all night.” Buy