Ito Thermie

Ito Thermie is a holistic, self healing, complementary medicine that works on mind, body and spirit, to promote good health spiritual harmony and emotional well-being. It was founded by Dr. Kin-itsu Ito from Japan who was looking for a simple means to promote better health in his patients.

How does Ito Thermie work?

The typical Ito Thermie session is both soothing and stimulating. Small metal cylinders holding custom designed burning incense made of such health-giving herbs as moxa, pine and loquat leaves, are stroked over the whole body.

The pleasurable effects of being massaged with this unique source of heat radiating deeply into the body, brings warmth and vitality. The smoke alone can be an excellent way of dealing with difficult, sensitive skin conditions. More generally, the smoke plays an important role by cleaning the energetic field around the body and transporting the beneficial herbs to the lungs and bloodstream.

The infrared heat of the sessions provides a direct source of vital energy, which the body can take to balance and support any of its functions. People often remark after a session that they feel they have returned to a state of balance both physically and emotionally.

Another important aspect of Ito Thermie is that it supports spiritual awakening. It is often said that seeking truth is like peeling an onion, Layer by layer, the veils of illusion are peeled away till you arrive to the emptiness of the centre. When you give yourself, or receive Ito Thermie, each session peels away one layer of whatever is sitting on your energy, whether that be physical, mental or emotional. It is a method which is very complimentary with all holistic healing or spiritual modalities.

Ito Thermie basic courses are taught by Champaka Yoshie from Japan and Roshani Montmory from France. Advanced Ito Thermie is taught by Kohrogi Sensei from Japan. Course places vary, but can generally be found in France, Lithuania, Italy and Germany. The teachers of this method can come to an area near you if there is someone who would like to organize for them.

Sarita has been using Ito Thermie for 18 years and highly recommends this wonderful healing art.