Hands on Healing

In hands on healing, the healer empties themselves and becomes a channel for the transmission of divine energy, which the recipients body/mind/soul will use to heal itself either subconsciously or consciously.

Sarita has the capacity to act as a channel; to transmit the loving energy of the universe or to reflect back to the recipient an alternative perspective which enables them to redirect their own energies internally. As with all subtle energy healing, the return to a state of wholeness is experienced in a unique way by each individual who receives the hands on healing.

There are various techniques which Sarita may utilise during a hands on healing session:

Direct Transmission in the style of Uezu San

Sarita received a very powerful transmission, by working alongside Japanese Master, Uezusan. They taught a series of meditation and healing retreats together in 2010, and part of Sarita’s roll at that time, was to cradle the client, with her hand on their heart, as Uezusan directed pure divine energy into the client. Through this practice, she was able to greatly expand her gift for hands on healing.

Angelic Reiki

With Angelic Reiki, Sarita is medium for Angelic energies to address any imbalances and to transmit health and wellbeing. Angelic energies may be considered as light beings, or, some people sense Angelic energies to be coming from facets of their higher self.

Angelic Reiki draws from the Usui and Shambala Reiki lineages. However, unlike most other systems of Reiki, the therapist receives their attunement directly from the Angelic Realm enabling him/her to become a pure channel for Higher Light Beings to work through. The Divine Vibration attunes both the giver and receiver to their soul energy.

With this type of Multidimensional Healing, the receiver is supported in letting go of physical, ancestral, emotional and karmic imbalances throughout all time and space. Through these sessions we become aligned to our Higher Selves, returning simply and effortlessly to pristine wholeness.

During a session, both giver and receiver are bathed in the bliss and oneness of unconditional love, thus facilitating balance and health. It is a blessing to give and to receive these sessions.