CLT Treatments

A single colour light therapy session or a short series of treatments may provide a turning point in dealing with a physical problem or issue enabling you to make the life changes you need to support greater health and balance.


Detox and Immune (3-6 sessions): A series of treatments tailored to assist detoxification, recovery from addiction or giving up smoking, healing from an illness or operation and for general support to the immune system if you are prone to colds, flu and other infections. Also useful as a general-purpose tonic emotionally and physically.

Hormonal Balancing (3-6 sessions): For men and women, a short series of various hormonal treatments intended to support a balanced endocrine system. This is useful for balancing the emotions and can bring relief from stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression. On a physical level, these endocrine system treatments have been found very helpful for by people with hormonal imbalances, PMS, menstrual problems and menopause symptoms.

Individual Sessions

A single session or a short series may be customised to address a wide range of issues. The following article reveals the facinating story of how colour light therapy came into being: The Science of Light – The Scientific Explanation of Why Colour Light Therapy Works

Transformational Series

Wellness is experienced when body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit are all aligned harmoniously. These series of treatments support the receiver in discovering this state of balance thereby nurturing them so they can live their full potential. More…

Osho quote from medication to meditation: “This Colourpuncture is perfectly right. Colour affects the body, and to have figured it out is great. Peter Mandel has done a great work. With this work you can change not the being, but the mind, the emotions and the body. It is good if one is cleansed in this way, then meditation is very simple. These problems are preventing mediataion.