Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a bodywork session, which integrates Ayurveda massage with Yoga stretches. During this process the receiver remains passive. The stretching process is much more effective when the body is relaxed, as happens in this session.

The practitioner uses a special oil chosen according to the ‘Dosha’ of the client, designed to bring balance to the various bodily humours. If the client is more Pitta in nature, cooling oil will be used to balance the fiery nature of Pitta. If the client is more Vata in nature, calming and balancing oil will be used to bring harmony to the turbulent and windy nature of Vata. If the client is more Kapha in nature, stimulating oil will be used to activate the dormant life renewing resources of the sedentary and earthy Kapha.

To determine the Dosha of the client, a combination of tongue and pulse diagnosis is used before the massage commences.

During the massage, the practitioner uses hands and feet in various combinations as well as yoga stretches. After receiving the massage people have been heard to comment that it is amazing to have experienced a Holistic Massage and Yoga session all in one. Clients notice improvements in their flexibility and sense of well being even after just one session, though for long lasting results it is recommended to receive a series of sessions.

This method was introduced to the Western world by an Indian woman named Kusum who lives in Pune, India. She studied both Ayurvedya and Yoga for many years and found that by combining these, the results of both were more effective. Geho, a French massage therapist and teacher, studied in depth with Kusum and added his expertise as a Holistic Massage therapist to create a very rounded and pleasurable experience for people receiving this massage. Sarita was trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage by Geho over a period of several years. She delights in offering this technique in groups or sessions.

A session in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage lasts 1 ½ hours.