Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita has many articles published in magazines and is a frequent contributor to Paradigm Shift and Osho World on line magazine. Some of Sarita’s articles on Tantra can be seen on her Tantra site:

Sarita has two books currently available in print:

Divine SexualityDivine Sexuality: The Joy of Tantra
Full of information and practical exercises guaranteed to bring fresh understanding to the vital subject of sex and relating, it guides you from the physical basics to ecstatic fulfilment. Designed by the artist Shivananda, it is beautifully illustrated with explicit, tasteful colour photos. See Sample Pages from the book.

Published 2011 by Findhorn Press – ISBN 978-1-84409-534-6 – £12.99 – Tantrashop

Tantric LoveTantric Love: Journey into sexual and spiritual ecstasy
Written in partnership with Geho, Tantric Love remains a favourite guide to lovers on the Tantra path and includes many of the meditations used in Sarita’s courses for couples and individuals. Inspirational narrative and beautiful images inspire those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and a long lasting, fulfilling relationship with their love partner.

Published 2001 by Gaia Books – ISBN 1-856-75205-4 – £12.99 – Tantrashop

Sarita has also written an as yet unpublished travelogue – Sacred Japan Tour. This describes a three week pilgrimage expedition by a party of western seekers who are taken off the beaten path. During this journey, they meet two enlightened masters, receive healing from both. The pilgrims are introduced to the art of finding the original face and meditations from the lost continent of Mu. They take part in traditional Za Zen practice, visit Utaki, (places of spiritual power) in Okinawa, and learn about the sacred mysteries of both the Zen and Shinto spiritual approaches.

Another unpublished book she has written is called Balanced Nutrition; a highly informative and entertaining guidebook for maintaining health and well-being through the joy of eating. Sarita has been studying nutrition as a hobby for the past 20 years, using what she she has learned to live in optimum health. Many people have asked her to share the secrets of her radiant quality of youthfulness. She has responded to the request through this book.

Readers Comments

”Initially I flicked through Divine Sexuality enjoying the lay-out and the pictures. A few days after, I woke one morning and had some time to read. I was very moved simply reading the introduction and since further into the book. Many of the things I’d heard you tell before, yet in my own space I really felt deeply some of what you are communicating. At times I had tears of joy, at times tears of sadness in the recognition of particular topics. So, I’m very much moved by and enjoying your book, thank you!”

Julia on Divine Sexuality

“I could cry. In fact I should because it has been a long painful path and many years of confusion before I finally found what I was meant to find all along – that love and sexual intimacy can be awakened through the body as a spiritual path. I wish that I’d had this at age 5 but I didn’t and there is no time lost. I will dedicate the rest of my life to these teachings and sharing them with other women. I acknowledge Ma Ananda Sarita for her wisdom, depth and exceptional writing skills, storytelling and clarity. Thank you wise one, you have shone a light on my once darkened path.”

Annie on Divine Sexuality and Tantric Love

“I have read your book. It is the most beautiful, practical book on Tantra I have seen up to now. I already know that it will be my ‘bible’ for the time coming. When I read this book, this thought comes to me, oh yes, I want to do that! Oh yes, this I want to experience! Oh yes, from this I want to get inspired and imbibe it for myself and for our couple. Thank you to have gathered all those beautiful meditations, and to have followed this path which you now share.”

Linda on Tantric Love

“We thought we would let you know how grateful we are for your enlightening book. Tell your students that it does work, we can vouch for that! We both seem more relaxed now and our lovemaking is 100% better.”

Robert and Jennifer on Tantric Love

“I have been looking for this all my life. I didn’t know where to find it.”

Al on Tantric Love

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